I Hope Your A/C Is Working, Because You’ll Need It

VICTORIA, Texas — You remember how yesterday I was saying there was no relief in sight for the heat? Well that’s still true, but it also just got hotter in the forecast. We’re still expecting that high pressure system to stick around for a bit, and also still expecting a week full of sunshine.

The downside is getting into late next week, we will start seeing temperatures in the upper 90s. This means Heat Index values have the potential to be even higher than we previously thought. Heat Safety tips are going to need to be utilized all this week. Remember to drink plenty of water, beat the heat in the shade, pool, or A/C, and check your backseat for children and pets before you lock up.

The good news is that we also have a slight chance for isolated showers and thunderstorms next weekend (Friday and Saturday), so hopefully we will get some relief from the heat for at least a bit. It would also help us catch up to our normal rainfall totals, as we are currently 6″ below normal right now for this time of year.

We are also monitoring the potential for a trough to dig down far enough to reach the Gulf of Mexico, where the National Hurricane Center is suggesting there is a possibility for it to turn into our first Tropical Depression in the Atlantic Basin. We will continue to update you with information on this as it develops, but right now the chance is very low over the next 5 days.