Hurricanes Lose Play-off game

The Victoria Hurricanes back in action to resume their playoff game against the Austin Vipers.
We go to the fourth quarter.

The hurricanes defense stepping up big not allowing the Viper’s offense to get going early.

The Vipers receiving fall start after fall start penalty, the vipers down 12-8

Later in the quarter, with about 4 minutes to go the vipers toss it to the running back, and he throws deep to a receiver who makes a great catch in traffic and runs to the 5 yard line before a horse collar tackle hurt him.

Next play on the drive the vipers do a quarter back sneak to punch it in! Vipers go up 14-12.

Vipers going for 2 and the Hurricane’s goal line defense steps up and stops them.

Down two with time winding down the Hurricanes are driving and Showtime Williams completes a pass down field.

Last play of the game, Hurricanes QB Showtime Williams scrambles to his left and tries to throw it and gets hit and fumbles the ball and the Vipers win the game 14-12.