Hurricanes and Higher Learning

The Crossroads is home to the University of Houston at Victoria, Victoria College. and Wharton County Junior College. So what plans do these schools have to keep their students safe?

In the case of Victoria College if a hurricane is approaching the area, Victoria College would simply notify their students via their emergency alert system.

For Wharton County Junior College, their president will make the final decision when to cancel classes and students will receive that message through its emergency alert system called RAVE.

Wharton County Junior College and UHV has housing and evacuating their students can become challenging. Both schools will allow plenty of time for parents to pick up their students. UHV’s Vice President of Student Enrollment and Student Affairs Jay Lambert told us if students can’t find a way to get out of the path of an approaching storm.

“Any student that can’t find accommodations we will work with them. we may actually travel with them to another university a little further up north and use of their residence halls,” said Lambert.