HURRICANE WARNING: Emergency Management Urges Residents to Make Plans

Early Thursday morning the National Weather Service issued a Hurricane Warning.

Emergency Management Officials have been working all day to prepare for the incoming storm.

Emergency Management Coordinator Richard McBrayer and says this area has not experienced a weather event like this in quite some time, and residents should start preparing now.

On Wednesday Afternoon they opened their operations center. This is where policy makers and command staff are coming together to prepare for Tropical Storm Harvey.

As of right now, the office is treating this storm as a significant rain event. There have been no storm shelters or evacuation plans set at this time. McBrayer says that since the Crossroads has not seen this type of weather event in a while, residents should be getting ready sooner rather than later.

“The mindset for many of us is ‘Well I’ve never had this, so how can it really happen to me’ Often times emergency management will let people talk to folks that have been in our community that have been through major events, such as Hurricane Clara and Hurricane Claudette. Residents need to be aware this storm could shake their foundation,” said McBrayer.

McBrayer says people needs to be fully aware there could be several hours, days, and maybe weeks without power in certain areas. With these outages, residents should make sure their homes are sustained and can go several days without power.

He also says he expects heavy flooding in Victoria County, and says to turn around and don’t drown.

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