Hurricane Preparedness Week – Storm Surge Danger in a Hurricane

Drowning, particularly from the storm surge, is the number one killer in a hurricane.

John Metz, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Corpus Christi tells us how a storm surge forms.

“Every hurricane is different. Storm surge form on the leading edge of a hurricane. Its a pile up of water, caused by the wind field of the storm. Storm surge is maximized when a major hurricane that travels over a large body of water for a long period of time. Harvey for example, formed quickly and near the coast. Because of this, Harvey did not have enough time to build up a major surge. So when Harvey struck the Texas coast, the surge was a lot less than it could have been,” said Metz.

And we will tell you how to get ready for a storm in our upcoming special. Your Newscenter 25 weather team, Brian Alsonso, Alexandra Kent, and Trey Meynig will host a special addition of Community Crossroads May 30, and 31st, filled with hurricane facts, tips, and most importantly, how to prepare for an upcoming storm. Tune in and be prepared.