Hurricane Preparedness Week….Now is the Time to Prepare.

Richard McBrayer with Victoria County Emergency Management Tells Us Why It Is Important to Have a Plan.

It is Hurricane Preparation Week, which is a reminder that all of us need to get ready and stay ready when and if a storm threatens.
Victoria Office of Emergency Management coordinator Richard McBrayer stresses why is vital to be aware and ready each hurricane season.

“We had some complacency set in…folks have not experienced a hurricane or topical storm of that magnitude in quite a while, or any magnitude in quite some time. We had a small tropical storm, Tropical Storm Bill back in 2015….so it is important for us to understand those things are very sudden no notice event…that we have been forecasting…but rapid intensification occurs….so we have that plan ready to go, and to be able to make sure that we have actual items attainable….sometimes in a moments notice,” said McBrayer.

And we will tell you how to get ready for a storm in our upcoming special. your newscenter 25 weather team, Brian Alsonso, Alexandra Kent, and Trey Meynig will host a special addition of Community Crossroads May 30, and 31st, filled with hurricane facts, tips, and most importantly, how to prepare for an upcoming storm. Tune in and be prepared.