Hurricane Preparedness Week – Hurricane Forecasts Continue to Improve

Modern Technology and Improved Forecast Skills Credited for More Accurate Predictions

Its Hurricane Preparedness Week. Hurricanes are certainly unpredictable, but forecasts have gotten better. Dr. Phil Klotzbach with Colorado State University states how he has seen the forecasts improve.

The seasonal forecast, the one that I do, has improved over the years. We have better historical data, more historical data, the models are better, especially one the day to day predictions of the hurricanes. Those have gotten a lot better over the last 20 years, the uncertainty cone….so basically the forecast track has improved dramatically. We have also seen improvements in intensity forecasts of the storm as  well,” said Klotzbach.

We will have what experts think this season may bring in our upcoming special. Your Newscenter 25 weather team, Brian Alsonso, Alexandra Kent, and Trey Meynig will host a special addition of Community Crossroads May 30, and 31st, filled with hurricane facts, tips, and most importantly, how to prepare for an upcoming storm. Tune in and be prepared.