Hurricane Nicholas’ landfall in Sargent update

With sustained winds of up to 75 mph, the town of Sargent had visible damage from the storm


SARGENT, Texas – Hurricane Nicholas crashed into the Texas Gulf Coast early Tuesday morning, making landfall near the coastal community of Sergeant. With sustained winds of up to 75 miles per hour and heavy rains, Hurricane Nicholas did visible damage in Sergeant with scattered tree debris throughout the town. With even some large trees that snapped due to the hurricane passing through.

On top of destructive winds, with gusts up to 95 miles per hour in some areas, Hurricane Nicholas brought heavy amounts of rain. Widespread rainfall was predicted to be around 5 to 10 inches but isolated amounts were up to 20 inches. Throughout Sergeant, saturated areas could be found with sitting water of around 10 inches. With the hurricane now through Sergeant, some residents could be seen fishing off the bay and beach, but Hurricane Nicholas continues to make its way towards Louisiana.

Many areas in Sargent were saturated with water, like this stop sign seen here

There were even some powerlines damaged in the storm, with crews working to restore power. Initially, around 500,000 Texans were without power due to the storm, but that number is now is under 200,000. American Electric Power, or AEP, reported that for Matagorda County, which is where Hurricane Nicholas made landfall, that there are around 2,000 residents still without power. AEP said that for those still without power that they hope to have power restored for Matagorda residents by tomorrow at 5 pm, and for Bay City residents tomorrow by 9 pm. They also highlighted that all power lines are to be considered energized and dangerous, so if you come across a damaged powerline stay away from it and report it to local authorities.