Hurricane Harvey: One Month Later special

It has been one month since we sat here with you all through the horrific Hurricane Harvey.
The days leading up to, during and the weeks following the storm have been filled with hardship and struggle.
But in the aftermath we have seen perseverance from the Crossroads community.
Today, we are taking you back through the journey of Harvey to see how it has forever changed our home.

American Red Cross volunteers prepared for hundreds of people seeking refuge at the Bloomington FEMA dome.
The heavy rain and wind started to pick up Friday night.

We caught on camera a transformer going out and all the power on Navarro be knocked by Harvey.
The initial landfall in Victoria was midnight. The eye of the storm hit Victoria at 3 a.m. until 8 a.m. We experienced five hours of strong hurricane winds — causing flooding, structure damage and down power lines throughout the Crossroads.

Nearly all roads and major highways were closed due to flooding and fallen trees.

We went to several counties to assess the damage.

We saw extreme flooding– structures were completely destroyed– trees and power lines covered roads.

We received hundreds of photos from viewers to get an inside look at the devastation they faced.