Hunting ghosts at Yorktown Memorial Hospital

On October 19 th , News Producer Cass Cameron, and one of our production editors, Michael, joined a paranormal investigation team called Curious Twins Paranormal & Ghost Tours, as they investigated Yorktown Memorial Hospital.

Founders Fred and Stephen Garza-Guzman began seeking the answers to whether or not certain infamous locations in Texas were haunted together, but soon after started leading tours through some of the most popular haunts across the state.

Fred tells us that the reason they came to Yorktown was because of the rumors alleging why spirits may be trapped in the hospital. “This has been a place where there has been a couple of murders that happened here. There have also been some suicides that are connected to this place. There was also a doctor that was doing some botched surgery. There wasn’t really an entity of government that was – kind of – watching the medical practices, so you could essentially get away with murder in this town.”

We asked Fred and Stephen to hold an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) session with us down in the broiler room where it was rumored that a lovers’ quarrel turned into a homicide.

Near the end of the EVP session, Newscenter 25 producer, Cass, felt a sensation of cold air or water rush down her back and it can be heard in the audio where she jumps and then lose focus on the investigators as she turns around looking for what was behind her. She then tells the production editor, Michael, that she is, “Ok,” just before the camera turns off. She says later that she did not turn off the camera herself.

Cass and Michael also experienced an audio recorder failing for more than 15 minutes while they were investigating a room with surgical equipment, and at one point, Cass asked him if she had blood in her mouth in the chapel – because she could taste it. When the pair left the chapel however, the sensation went away.

Though they did not catch any full-body apparitions or have any ghosts scream their names, they did experience some of the unexplained, and they both say they definitely felt scared at times.