Hunt Elementary students learn about professions during career day

Vets, journalists, and clowns in attendance

CUERO, Texas- Newscenter 25’s Bria Woods went to the career day at Hunt Elementary in Cuero, Texas Friday. Woods gave an interactive presentation explaining how TV broadcast works and giving the students a behind the scenes look at how Newscenter 25 works. The students also got to practice their interviewing skills and use the big camera to interview each other.

Many careers were represented including, Texas DPS, law enforcement, vets, pet adoption centers, a hairstylist, the bank, insurance, and more. Students were able to rotate to different rooms and spaces around campus to learn more about the various professions and what they do.

Two Hunt Elementary students shared what they learned on career day.

“My favorite part of career day was I got to learn about music, and vets, and there were two clowns that were super funny, said Kimber Vahalik, second grade.

Fourth grade student, Khadren, shared that he really enjoyed learning about being a veterinarian, because, “I like taking care of animals.”

Students from second grade to fifth grade got to partake in career day and some already expressed interest in pursuing certain careers.