Hundreds scale stairs in Connecticut to fund lung disease research

Hartford, CT — Hundreds of people climbed almost 700 steps on Saturday morning to raise awareness for lung disease.

The 12th annual Fight for Air Climb helps raise awareness for lung disease.

The participants climbed 688 steps over 34 flights of stairs.

“You just keep moving your legs, one step after another,” Christina Steinhauser, of West Hartford, said.

Each step up the Hartford 21 building is for a good cause.

The Fight for Air Climb helps raise money for the American Lung Association.

“The idea is that it’s supposed to simulate would feel like for someone with lung disease who has limited oxygen,” Steinhause said.

Lindsey Roy, of Agawam, Mass., started climbing four years ago — in honor of her mom who passed away from lung cancer.

“It’s definitely mind over matter,” Roy said. “I feel like the whole time I’m thinking about is the top reaching the goal for my mom.”

Roy said you keep pushing through no matter how much it burns.