How to use the Crossroads Today viewer poll

Tell us what you think by voting in our daily polls

VICTORIA, Texas – There’s now an easy, fast and interactive way to be heard in our newscasts.

As we know, technology is essential in this day and age.

Well, it just became that much easier to share you thoughts, opinions and even experiences with Newscenter 25.

We are bringing you into our home every day.

In every newscast you can now voice your thought on a story you might have seen.

You can vote along with other viewers and even see results in real-time on our app or website.

It’s simple.

In every newscast, we will ask you to go to our app and vote.

Just tell us what you think and you will see results on your TV screen.

With just one-click, you now have a way to be heard in our newscasts.

Watch our video to see how you can simply join us.