How to Find Your Missing Pet

Many dogs and cats go miss missing in the Crossroads but did you know if someone has picked up your pet and took it to the animal shelter you have seventy-two hours to claim it? “When they are brought into animal control as a stray the owner has seventy-two hours to reclaim their animal,” said Driver.

Megan Driver, volunteer at the Victoria Animal Control says it is best for the owner to come personally to see if their animal is found at Animal Control.
“If you describe this way but the people at Animal Control see this way your dog or cat can get overlooked so it is best to come out if your animal is at Animal Control,” said Driver.

Driver also said if your animal has a microchip you can be notified faster that it is missing. “It comes in handy to have your animal microchipped it gets back to you faster if you were to have an accident or escapes. The most important thing with microchipping is keep information updated,” said Driver.

If a stray animal is not claimed after seventy-two hours there are three options for the animal. “After the seventy-two hours is up, rescue is able to pull, it is up for adoption, or humanely euthanize,” said Driver. If you are interested in adopting a pet, you can go to Victoria Animal Control at 122 Perimeter just pass the airport.