How to check if you have unclaimed money

People are unaware that they have money sitting out there waiting for them to claim.

Sean Kennedy with the Victoria County Treasurer explains that “If you go to our website you can find it under the department and click on treasury then on the right side of our page we have a quick link going to the unclaimed fund’s list.”

Victoria County Unclaimed Fund’s website is over 30 pages long. Each county has its own website so you should search specifically in your area. Every county holds the money for a certain amount of time then they turn it over to The State of Texas.

“If the individual doesn’t claim that money, then after 3 years we either submit it to the state if it’s over $100 or if it’s $100 we keep it in a general fund,” said Kennedy.

If the government owes you money and you don’t claim it then it becomes unclaimed funds. Some money can come from unpaid wages, VA life insurance, and tax refunds.

In Victoria, a lot of the money comes from individuals who were in jail and had funds left over.

To find out if you have any money go to Victoria County Unclaimed Funds website and click on unclaimed property list.

“It can be claimed by filling out a form that we have on our website. The form is downloadable if you have trouble downloading it give us a call,” said Kennedy.

You can go to your local County Treasury office if you have a deceased parent whose money you want to claim. They will walk you through getting the correct documentation to show you are the heir.

Please search your local county website to claim your free money.