‘How do we keep our family safe, when we’re so far away’ Military veteran reminisces on being away from family during deployment

Jessica Wise looks back fondly on years in the Navy

VICTORIA, Texas- For the month of February, Newscenter 25 honors Jessica Wise, as the Military Hero of the Month.

With tears in her eyes Wise explained, “I think the hardest part is not being close, if anything happens, you’re always worried like hey we’re doing all these great things for our country and keeping our country safe, but how do we keep our family- sorry- it’s like how do we keep our family safe, when we’re so far away.”

These are the words that crossed Wise’s mind being overseas for six years as she committed her life to the U.S. Navy at the young age of 20. She knew the military would shape her life for the better.

“My whole family was military. I had 2 brothers that were already in the Navy, my uncle was an officer in the Navy, my step dad was prior of the Marines, my read dad was prior Army, so I had a huge family full of military. It was always in the back of my mind about going in. So I said, I’m tired of kind of just coasting in life so woke up one morning and said I’m going into the military. Nobody knew about it, just said, ‘Hey mom I’m going to the military,’ went over there and enlisted,” Wise shared.

With the Navy, Wise explored different parts of the world, as she protected our country. She knew her goal was to come back home and pursue a medical degree.

“I ultimately decided to get out of active duty and try to pursue my nursing career, which happened,” said Wise. “I decided to enlist into the reserve during that time, take those steps and attain the goals I wanted to do outside of the military.”

As of March 9th, Wise will be a retired military veteran. She keeps her brothers and sisters in arms close, and is an advocate for choosing the military to conquer life goals.

“It’s sometimes a thankless job, so it’s great to feel like somebody cares. When everything is going crazy in this world at least somebody cares that you went out there and you sacrificed your life and your time and your family’s time, to keep the country safe. It’s cool that people care about it,” concluded Wise.

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