How DeTar Prepares Patients for Hurricane Evacuations

“We have to do what is safest for our patients and we do need to take the needs of the community in consideration,” said Griffin.

When a storm enters the Gulf, DeTar Hospital begins talks with its partners at Victoria County Emergency Management. DeTar also collaborates with partner hospitals in case they need to move patients further inland, away from Victoria.

” We have several facilities in Pleasanton, Austin, and Houston,” said Griffin.

There are many options for patient evacuations–if the patient is well enough–they can go home with family members.
“We will start to make arrangements with their loves ones so that they can pick them up in plenty of time,” said Griffin.

Next DeTar will get a count of how many patients will need to be moved to partner hospitals further inland. Melinda Griffin Trauma Program manager says DeTar can send staffers along with those patients if need be.

” It’s also what is best for the patient because our nurses are familiar with those patients and they know they have been taking care of them,” said Griffin.