House of Palms Victoria searching for executive director

The House of Palms of Victoria is searching for an executive director. There are only two paid positions at the House of Palms, one of them being the executive director, the other the resident coordinator.

Program Development Director Col. Mike Petrash says that they have only had a hand full of applicants apply for the executive director position.

Petrash says while passion is a must, there are strict guidelines for who can get the job.

“There’s a really good reason for that, we’ve got seven minor girls who are going to have babies and we don’t just want anyone with passion. We also have to have someone who has passion and excellence and experience.”

The job requires you to have the ability to supervise and maintain the organization. If you are interested in the position Colonel Mike says you can visit linked in for the full job description and qualifications.

As soon as the position is filled, Petrash says the women and their babies will be able to move into the home, however, he says they are not in any rush as they want to find the perfect candidate.

“We will know what right looks like when we see her and we feel like right now God is placing this on someone’s heart out there,” Petrash says. He adds they are not anxious, they believe God will send them the right lady at the exact right time.

50 teenage students in VISD are pregnant every year, and of those women 25 out of the 50 will become homeless. The House of Palms Victoria will eventually house seven high school juniors and seniors who can commit to a faith based program, self improvement and sustainment.