House of Palms Victoria Opens This Fall

VICTORIA- Life At It’s Best Foundation says on average around 50 students within our local school districts become pregnant.

House of Palms residential program is stepping up to help expectant teen mothers. According to the foundation, many of the girls that become pregnant face circumstances that cause their life focus to be on survival, making education a lesser priority. Statistics show that 62 percent will not complete high school.

Thursday, Volunteers gathered at the future House of Palms Home in Victoria to help clean up the landscaping of the property. This is one of many steps still left to complete before the home opens this fall. The program is designed to help 10 high school juniors or seniors who can commit to a faith based program of self improvement, self sustainment, and the protection of their babies.

Mothers will be picked based on “how well they exemplify honesty, respect, and a willing heart.”

“It’s going to be an incredibly beautiful community effort when all this comes together some time early this fall,” said Faith Family Church Outreach Director Colonel Mike Petrash.

The goal of the program is to create a “normal” environment for mothers so they can complete their work for a high school diploma.

If young mothers are able to stay on track they also plan to assist them with acceptance into a local college and obtaining an internship with local area partners.

For any questions or inquiries, call Colonel Mike Petrash at or (361) 573-2484 Ext. 12