Hope Meadows Subdivision completes homes, move-ins begin

VICTORIA, Texas- A year long project is finally coming together as Hope Meadows Subdivision welcomes families to their new homes. The goal of affordable housing in the county was set after families lost homes due to Hurricane Harvey.

Hours of construction, and numerous volunteers from a number of organizations were all apart of turning an empty lot of land into a neighborhood community. 

“The Mennonite Disaster Services and Disaster Aid Ohio provided the skilled volunteers to construct the homes; a year later, we have 30 homes constructed on the property,” explains director of Victoria County Long Term Recovery Group, Rick Villa.

Last month, the first three families finalized legal paperwork and received their keys to their new home. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, that process was different, as pictures show families signing paperwork with face coverings. Nonetheless, the Long Term Recovery Group, is not slowing down. 

“The neighborhood is started, we have 10 more homeowners that are waiting on their legal documents maybe this week or next week and then they will be presented their keys,” says Villa.

The vetting process has given 40 families a new home; all affected by Harvey, and now a guarantee of being mortgage free.

“Our disaster case managers have done a tremendous job in vetting the cases. We already have 34 approved. There are 6 applications still being vetted, then we’ll move forward,” explains Villa.

The subdivision in Bloomington is only part of the efforts by the Long Term Recovery Group and all the helping hands to provide more affordable housing in our area. Villa expressed his gratitude to local, state and national organizations that steeped up to make this project complete. Locally, the Victoria Catholic Diocese was a key partner to the Victoria County Long Term Recovery Group.

“They have been there from the get-go, they have helped for this project to become a reality,” concluded Villa. 

For more information on Hope Meadows Subdivision visit: https://victorialtrg.org