Homeowner loses riding lawn mower and car after garage goes up in flames

Victoria Fire Department and Victoria County Volunteer Fire Department responded to a house fire call on Dorothy Street around 1 p.m. Monday.

Victoria County Fire investigator says the homeowner was burning trash on the ground when the grass caught fire and spread to the garage.

The homeowner tells Newscenter 25 he lost his wife’s car along with a new riding lawn mower.

The garage was a total loss. Thankfully there were no injuries reported.

“The grass started burning, and then we put it out, we came out later and it was burning further, and we put it out. It finally reached the garage, and we stood back there. We stood back there for 30 minutes watering it and everything was out we thought. No smoke anywhere, I went back into the house to check on what I was cooking and I came back out…whoosh it was gone,” said Doyle Maxwell, homeowner.

Because he was burning on the ground, Maxwell has to talk to the county Fire Marshall tomorrow to see if he will be issued a citation due to the burn ban in effect.