Homeowner Concerned of Frequent Car Accidents on Street after Weekend Fatal Accident

We first reported of a single vehicle accident on the 1700 block of South Laurent Street that VPD responded to early Sunday morning. Our Griselda Perez spoke to a homeowner in the area about the tragedy.

This fatal accident has led to people in the area questioning the safety of the street. Jeff Johnson, a home owner and business operator in the area spoke to me about the frequent accidents.

“They ran through our yard that time also, but first time they ran through one side and out the other” says Johnson.

Home owner Jeff Johnson recalls the most recent car accident to cross his front yard.

“[The truck] made it in between those two telephone poles somehow without touching either one of them and barely missed right there where the gas line is” adds Johnson

The black Ram truck driving south on Laurent Street, first hit the corner of Laurent and Odem Street after losing control. Authorities believed the male driver had a medical episode that caused the accident.

“It woke everyone up in the house, it sounded like a bomb going off, it was very loud a violent metal crashing sound” says Johnson.

Jeff has lived in this home for the past 15 years, and he says there are too many accidents, he’s had to repair his fence at least five times due to speeding vehicles running through.

“The worst ones have happened on the weekend. I think people become complacent, they’re leaving town. It’s a very good road so speeds get– its comfortable to run at higher speeds on this road” recalls Johnson.

The business next door, where Jeff also works still has the markings of where the truck stopped, Jeff like others in the area hope caution lights can be set up to warn drivers of the 45 miles per hour speed limit.

“I’ve seen all types of accidents here, involving everything you can think of pickups, motorcycles, cars, 18 wheelers.” says Johnson.