Homeless, less fortunate can receive shower and hair cut at Day of Care

The 2-1-1 Texas is preparing to serve the homeless community Thursday morning.

“While folks are attending they can get a shower and a hair cut. We have basic care packages with necessary items that they need” said Johanna Rohan, 211 Community Resource Coordinator.

Johanna Rohan is the 2-1-1 community resource coordinator. She mentioned, they will have 200 hundred care bags, and they will serve 200 hundred meals to the homeless community during the event.

“We are serving the most vulnerable members of our population and it’s important because it’s the day of care. It’s the forgotten population and its hard work but it’s good to devote one day of attention on them,” said Rohan.

There will also be a clinic located in the gym area, for those who don’t have health insurance.

The event is free and if you’re interested in attending check these locations to see if transit passes are available.

“Transit passes were available at Victoria Christian Assistance Ministries and Christ’s Kitchen. So they have been able to give out transit passes so folks that didn’t have transportation could get here and while they’re here they can go by the transit table and get a pass to go home,” said Rohan.

The goal is to provide information and referrals to the homeless community and those with low income.

The event is scheduled to begin Thursday morning at 9 a.m. and Ms. Rohan mentioned that no one would be turned away.