Homeless Beat The Heat at Cooling Centers

Victoria has many cooling stations, and these buildings help several homeless men and women beat the heat during the day.

According to the Christ’s Kitchen Director,Trish Hastings,without a home, these men and women have no place to go.

With these cooling stations, which includes Christ’s Kitchen, these men and women can be provided with water, snacks, and sometimes meals.

The homeless struggle with dehydration almost everyday, and the biggest symptoms are headaches and nausea. Hastings says a man felt so bad, he asked the kitchen employees to transport him to the hospital.

Hastings says homeless men and women walk everywhere in the hottest parts of the day, and either go to the library, walk the hospital halls, or find a shaded tree.

Another place homeless men and women flock to is the Salvation Army. This building acts as a cooling station between 12:30 and 4:30, where people can come and get relief from the extreme heat.The center closes at 4:30 to start cooking dinner for the people coming in at night.

“These centers are very important for people to get off the streets because if they don’t, they do get sick from the heat. We have a woman who gets sick from the heat, and it’s happened more than once. It’s very important they come and get cooled off,” said Salvation Army Case Worker Victoria Mullins.

Christ’s Kitchen opens at 7:30, providing coffee, sweet treats, and a cool place for homeless people to go. The kitchen serves lunch from 11:00 to 1:00.

These cooling stations are open to anybody.