Home fire caused by cigarette ashtray, officials say

Family safely escaped with no major injuries but loses home

VICTORIA, Texas – On Tuesday, Dec. 14, just after midnight the Victoria County Fire Marshal’s Office worked a fire located in the 3500 block of Brayer road. Firefighters put down the blaze in just one hour. Officials reported the family was inside the home at the time the fire began, but everyone got out safely. Lieutenant Marshall Frazier investigated the cause, finding out it was a tin can used to put out cigarettes. The family’s pet was missing for a time, but three hours later the dog appeared without any injuries. Lt. Frazier said firefighters had to enter the home from the outside put out the fire.

Lt. Frazier closes investigation

“When the City of Victoria first got there, they went offensive to try to get into the home and put it out, but it had already… part of the roof had already collapsed or was in the process of collapsing. They pulled back and went offensive on it, so that means they had to attack the fire from the outside,” he said.

Ashtray causes home fire

Afterwards the family was referred to the American Red Cross for resources, since their home was completely destructed. The family declined to comment about the accidental fire. Lt. Frazier said smokers can prevent these types of fire initiators, if they clean out their ash trays and make sure the cigarette is out before tossing it into a can.

Other Responding Fire Departments

  • Victoria Fire Dept
  • Bloomington Volunteer Fire Dept
  • Quail Creek Volunteer Fire Dept