Home bound students can also receive free meals

VICTORIA, Texas- This is day one of the current new normal since the outbreak of COVID-19. Several school districts are providing meals for students. Here in the Crossroads, the staff gave out meals to make sure students are still eating during this difficult time.

“We are giving away free meals, breakfast, and lunch to any child 18 years old or younger throughout the entire County of Victoria ISD or Victoria County,” said Dana Bigham, V.I.S.D. Child Nutrition Program.

Stroman Middle School in the Victoria Independent School District is one of the campuses offering meals to students. The goal is to make sure all children are fed during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Bigham expresses how this made her feel.

“I think it’s fantastic that our ladies and our gentlemen that work in this department, in transportation, and in Special Ed, they all have stepped up to help us out. Even the athletic department is going to help us, so we can make sure our children are taken care of during this time,” said Bigham.

The Victoria I.S.D. is also implementing a new way to help homebound students with meals.

“There will be some delivery, we have some students who are homebound or they don’t have any means of transportation. That’s why our athletic department is stepping up and they’re going to help us,” said Bigham.

For those parents who don’t have a car or may have homebound children. Here’s what you should do to receive the food delivery service.

“A parent of those students needs to call that student’s parent liaison. So let’s say if your student attends Hopkins you call the Hopkins parent liaison and she will make arrangements for you,” said Bigham.

The Victoria I.S.D. is accepting donations. If you’re interested in donating call 361-788-9235.