HIV cases increase in Victoria County

Victoria County has seen an uptick in HIV cases, a new grant approved today aims to help those battling the virus.

In just one year the number of cases reported has doubled, in 2015 the Health Department reported 10 cases compared to the 20 cases seen in 2016.

THE HIV/AIDS Resource Program (HARP) Manager Alphonso Scallion says one group in particular has them looking for answers.

“We saw a spike in the Hispanic population and so we’re just concerned at this point to know who else might be out there…That’s one thing we are trying to do is to educate the community and becoming more aware of their status,” said Scallion.

A grant for the HIV/AIDS resource program for Victoria was approved at Commissioner’s Court Tuesday Morning to help patients get medicine and to help with doctor visits.

The grant will also help give the Health Department money to cover the cost of HIV test for those who cant afford it.

“We can altogether collectively create a system to where its more in the norm to get tested to seek help. It’s not just another thing we stigmatize,” said Scallion.

For more information on HARP and what services they provide, click here.