“His head was wide open” says the sister of an injured inmate at Stevenson Unit

On November 4 th the Hernandez family received a phone call from an inmate that would change their lives, Their brother Candelario Hernandez JR was in an altercation with a guard at the Stevenson Unit in Cuero.

Angelica Hernandez the Sister of Candelario Hernandez Jr. said, “His head was wide open apparently he had been beaten and half of his head is missing the carnal bone or the skull”.

Angelica Hernandez is Hernandez’s, sister, she went to see her brother and tells us that when she saw him she was shocked by his appearance.

“He was talking slurred speech not his 100 percent self, and he was paralyzed on the right side of his body non-ambulatory. He couldn’t feed himself, he couldn’t swallow, and he was being fed through a g-tube and that was the last time I saw him in Brooke Army Medical Center,” said, Angelica.

Angelica tells Newscenter25 that her brother was moved to a different hospital in a different city without the family’s knowledge. Currently, Candelario’s in intensive care listed in critical condition.

Now the family wants answers.

Jeremy Desel, the Director of Communications for the Texas Department of Criminal Justices tell us, on November 4 th there was an incident that occurred and it’s under investigation by the Independent Office of Inspector General at the Stevenson Unit ”

Also, as a result of that incident, Mr. Hernandez was initially transferred to Brooke Army Medical Center where he was treated and then transferred to Galveston.

Desel also says that there is a recommendation of termination for officer Aaron Kloesel who was directly involved in the incident.

He has been released from duty since November 4 th when the altercation occurred.