High School Vandalized

It was a surprise to the staff of Cuero High School to start their Monday with shattered glass and busted doors, school officials say security footage shows vandals entering the school after busting a window with a rock.

“And when the rocks came we watched on the video they came across the hallway they picked the rocks up and put em in their pocket, took the fire extinguisher and laid that down to make it look like it was what broke through,” Fleener said.

Principal Fleener says he was upset and angry to see the damage done which could cost up to $100,000, he says fire extinguishers were also used to spray hallways and classrooms.

“Most of the students were upset as well and so I think it’s very indicative of our community, because we do take great pride in Cuero of our facilities,” Fleener said.

Fleener says the vandals, who he believes are Cuero High School students, were possibly looking for high amounts of money and they don’t represent the best of the student body.

Come out and see our band perform, come out and see our football team perform, come out and see our choir, walk the halls and watch our students, this is what Cuero High School is not two vandals who will pay the price,” Fleener said.