High school student holds 2nd Autism Awareness Walk

The 2nd Annual Autism Awareness walk was held this weekend.
It was started by West highschool student Tavi Schaller last year.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson attended the event and spoke to the Schaller about the message behind starting this walk.

“So the reason i started this event was to raise Autism awareness for my brother and he inspired me to host this walk,” says Tavi Schaller, Organizer.

Everyone in attendence is walking for awareness one step at a time.

“I want everyone to take away just to know acceptance and awareness is key and just be aware that people do have autism and it is a thing in our life but its not something bad and it is blessing for us, to have them in our life,” adds Schaller. “We just have to accept that and be aware of that.”

For mothers Angie Adames and Julie Gray this type of event, along with the community support mean so much to them because their daughters have autism.
“Its an amazing feeling to see all of the support and love that everybody is giving to kids and even adults with autism, its just an amazing to see everything,” smiles Angie Adames, Mother.

“It just feels absolutely amazing both as a teacher in visd and also as a parent of an amazing child with autism. it is almost overwhelming, the love and support and its just such a great sense of community,” excliams Julie Gray, Mother.

The mothers want the community to continue walking and raising awareness for anyone with autism.
“Continue to support autism,” explains Adames.

“Knowing that these kids and all people with autism have amazing potential and if we work together as a community we can raise awareness and just that belief that there are no limits. there are only possibilities,” adds Gray.

All the proceeds will go to Visd’s ABA program. Organizers say they want to continue having this event every year and grow it bigger and bigger.