Hi Honk and Holler keeping interaction between church members

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic social gatherings are on hold including church services. Many congregations get together online but interacting with members is different when it’s in person. Getting church members together in a safe way, is still possible at John Wesley united Methodist church. Pastor Carl Westbrook decided to have a Hi Honk and Holler in the parking lot with church members.

“I think it sends a message about what’s really important relationships are important and when you don’t see people you’ve been related to for many years you don’t see them for a space of time it begins to weigh on you,” said Westbrook.

Pastor Westbrook sends out an email twice a week with spiritual encouragement and news about the church family.

“We have had smiles and a lot of good comments about how much they appreciate doing what they’re doing so it’s been very successful, continued Westbrook.

From 12 vehicles on the first day to 19 vehicles the second time more and more people seem to be joining in on the idea. The church will continue to do this every Thursday at 6 p.m. at the church parking lot until things clear up.