Here’s how to get tested for COVID-19 in the Crossroads


VICTORIA, Texas — When Victoria’s mobile COVID-19 testing site at the Community Center was closed earlier this month, there were concerns throughout the community about access to testing in the Crossroads. The Victoria County Public Health Department addressed some of those concerns with Newscenter25 on Monday.

“Right now if you have a primary care physician that would be the best place to go,”said David Gonzalez, director of Victoria County’s Public Health Department. “If you already have a doctor you go to normally to get procedures done and if they are doing the testings, then we recommend you to do that first.”

Gonzalez added a list of additional clinics still providing testing could be found on the Public Health Department Facebook page.

The list of Medical Facilities in the region that test for COVID-19 are shown on the graphic below, but keep in mind you’ll likely have to call ahead to schedule an appointment. If it’s an urgent situation, the Public Health Department says to call 911.

Gonzales says the cost for a COVID-19 test varies depending on where one goes.

“Just based on if you’re paying out of pocket versus insurance. I just encourage you to contact your provider or the urgent care clinic to get that information,” said Gonzales.

In the State of Texas, more than 25,000 COVID-19 cases have been reported as of Monday afternoon, with over 660 fatalities.

“Right now we’re sitting at about 276,000 tests performed across the state, and then here locally we’ve done about 1,360 tests and that’s a pretty solid estimate,” said Gonzales.

To learn more about testing across Texas and in the Crossroads, click here.

COVID-19 Testing sites in the region