Here comes a “cold” front

VICTORIA, Texas – Today’s the day! We dealt with rain early this morning and now the cold front is approaching the Crossroads. This is a rare occurrence for South Texas to get a cold front dip down this far south in the summer. The catch is, these cold fronts don’t really cool us off but a couple of degrees. What they really do in the summer is dry us out and take away some of that humidity that has been making the heat index so high.

The next week is a mixed bag of sunshine filled days and some rain chances. I’m not complaining though, because we very much need this rain. It’s going to take a lot more rain to bridge the gap though. Our next biggest rain chance is on Saturday at 40%, with the days surrounding it ranging from 20-30%. Temperatures will range from the mid to upper 70s in the mornings to the low 90s in the afternoons. Hopefully, the low humidity will stick and we won’t have to worry about triple digit heat indices, at least for a few days.