Heavy rain causes more potholes to form across Victoria

Repair crews are actively fixing potholes around town but it may take some time

VICTORIA, Texas – Due to all the rain and flooding in recent weeks, more than double the number of potholes are forming all across Victoria. After a heavy rain event, drivers will likely find streets with more potholes which can be annoying.

Potholes can pose a safety hazard and can even leave damage to a car.

Potholes are formed when groundwater seeps underneath the pavement, when vehicles begin to drive over the road, the road will begin to loosen and break as the water tries to escape.

The potholes worsen as vehicles continue to drive over them.

Public Works Director, Ken Gill, says crews typically repair potholes within 48 hours but due to the constant rain last week, it may take longer.

“We typically try to get to those potholes in 48 hours but I want to reiterate to the people to be patient. We may not be able to get to them all in 48 hours but we’re gonna do everything we can… This period right now with this much rain, we have seen double and triple the amount of potholes that we’ve had here lately, just because of the volume of rain,” says Gill.

The City of Victoria is taking a proactive approach with two repair trucks working in zones. One truck just responding to calls made by residents.

“I know the citizens have seen it, we’ve seen it, we’re hitting it proactively as we’re also getting more reactive calls as more people are calling in and that’s gonna increase our numbers this month of potholes, “ says Gill.

Repair crews are actively fixing potholes around town. Drivers should report potholes and drive carefully.

One resident who lives on King Arthur Street says they’re tired of all the potholes that form after a rain event. They hope road conditions improve soon.

If you want to report a pothole in your neighborhood, you can call 361-485 -3160 or visit this website