Heat Stress on Large Animals

Now that we are in the summer heat, large animals just like humans has to finds ways to stay hydrated by drinking water and electrolytes. “Electrolytes that we can give these animals so that we can replenish some of that and nice thing about the electrolytes is that it encourages these animals to drink more water,” said Dr Williams.

Large animals do a lot of work in the field and when they get tired they must find a way to beat the heat by getting some shade. “Go tie it under a tree or place where it will get shaded maybe next to a barn,” said Williams.

However some cattle types can stand more heat like the Brahma breed. “Those are the ones with the humps a lot of them are gray and they were originated in South America near the equator,” said Williams.

With livestock shows coming up in the near future, Dr Williams wants the kids that are beginning to buy their show animals be sure those animals have a way of staying cool too. “Whether that be ventilation from the standpoint of just airflow making sure you got wide areas that are open or probably best thing you can do besides airflow is fans,” said Williams.