Heat Safety Tips for the Crossroads Community

The heat here in the Crossroads is very server and everyone needs to stay hydrated to be safe. Here are a few safety you can use while your out in the heat.

“This heat is very dangerous you can collapse. If you start getting dizzy, start feeling nauseous, start getting muscle pain, please stop. Your body is giving you a sign that its time to go indoors and get hydrated. If it continues seek medical attention because it could kill you,” said Cindy Smith, the Emergency Management Coordinator for DeWitt County.

Heat exhaustion is the worst case scenario, if you don’t stay hydrated. Cindy Smith the Emergency Management Coordinator, for DeWitt County recommends everyone who works outside to drink a large amount of water.

Cindy says, “drinking 8 ounces every hour is the minimum amount an outdoors worker should consume. More is preferred but at least a glass of water every hour while your outside,”.

The heat is expected to be around for a while and the counties have entered into the hottest part of the summer season. Smith leaves a warning for everyone in the community.

“Don’t leave anybody, pets, people, and children especially, in a vehicle. Whether the car is running or not, don’t do it. The temperature will rise in a vehicle, if for some reason the car shuts off and they can’t restart it themselves, temperatures will rise within minutes and can kill a child. It could also kill a person, and an animal,” said Smith.

In the Crossroads we are not expecting to see any cooler temperatures for the next 7 to 10 days.