Heat is on but a weak cold front arrives tomorrow

Heat Advisory issued for tomorrow


VICTORIA, Texas- Looking at mostly clear sky but very warm this evening.  On Tuesday, air temperatures will approach the triple digit mark and cause heat indices to go from 108° to 114°. Heat advisory issued for tomorrow. A weak cold front arrives tomorrow and could bring a chance for showers and storms.

TONIGHT: Mostly clear and warm. Low 79. Winds South 10 mph

TUESDAY: Partly cloudy and hot! Heat indices above 108°. A 30% chance for showers and storms in the late afternoon/evening. High 100. Winds South shifting NE 10 mph

WEDNESDAY through SATURDAY: Mostly sunny and continued hot! Highs mid 90s. Lows upper 60s to low 70s. Winds East to NE 10 mph

SUNDAY: Partly cloudy and hot. Low 70. High 95. Winds SE 10 mph

MONDAY: Partly cloudy with a 20% chance for showers. Low 71. High 94. Winds SE 10 mph



  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Try and avoid sugary drinks
  • Stay in the air conditioning
  • If you work outdoors, take frequent breaks in the A/C or shade
  • Check on the elderly (social distancing of course), children
  • Make sure your pets have cool water in the shade. Avoid taking them for a walk during the afternoon hours as pavement will be too hot for their paws
  • Wear light colored, loose fitting clothes.
  • If you feel nauseated, dizzy, have rapid pulse…seek medical attention intermediately.