Heart Health Awareness Month- Joyce Veilliux

Joyce Veilleux shares her story about when she thought she was having a heart attack

VICTORIA, Texas- Since it’s heart health month, we went to Citizens Medical Center and spoke with a patient and her doctor about a heart issue that Joyce Veilleux had. She thought she was having a heart attack.
After a life altering event of her dog getting run-over by a vehicle, it left her in pain not only mentally but physically. Veilleux encourages others to get help if they think they might be having heart problems.

My Chest was hurting, the back of my arms, my back, I was sweating and feeling nauseous… Don’t you ever feel embarrassed about anything like that if you have any suspicions, go immediately and get some treatment… better safe than sorry.

Veilliux’s doctor, Nurse Practitioner and Cardio Vascular Associate Donna Oldmixon, said that Joyce’s heart was working at 35 percent of what it should have been. After the traumatic event, Veilliux was diagnosed with Taksotsubo cardiomyopathy, which Oldmixon said is just as serious as a heart attack because it makes the heart weaker than normal. Oldmixon encourages everyone to get yearly check-ups.

There is no blockage in any coronary artery, but the pumping function of the heart is severely depressed and that was the case with Joyce… Everyone young and old should continue to get yearly check ups because when it comes to the heart , there is no age for heart disease and you wont know you have a problem until the symptoms arise.

Ten weeks later, Veilliux is back to 75 percent health in her heart due to her taking her medicine and eating right.