Healthcare Heroes: Dr. Jennifer Gonzales

Healthcare Heroes is a series recognizing those battling COVID-19 at the front lines

CUERO, Texas – Several counties in the region have either implemented a stay at home order in response to COVID-19 but there are those who are unable to stay home because they are needed at the hospitals. Doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists – all responding to COVID-19 and working to stay safe and protected at the same time.

Dr. Jennifer Gonzales with the Cuero Regional Hospital has been at the front lines since the beginning of DeWitt County’s battle against COVID-19.

“But even though it hasn’t hit our community as hard as it has Seattle, New York, Florida and New Orleans, it’s very stressful and very isolating being someone that works on the front lines, so if you have a healthcare worker that you know is putting in really long hours, and they may be super stressed thinking, ‘Am I going to bring sickness home to my family?’ Check in on them,” Gonzales said.

She’s also working to keep herself and her family waiting for her at home, safe.

“When I get to the house I wipe down my steering wheel, my console, my phone, my keys and my chair and then I go to the back porch, and thank goodness we live in the country because I strip down to a bare minimum, I roll up my clothes throw it into the laundry, spray my shoes with Lysol and go straight to the shower and only after I’ve showered and brushed my teeth and washed my hair,  do I talk with my family,” Gonzales said.

To alleviate the stress – Gonzales says she has get-togethers with friends over Zoom.

“And it helps, it doesn’t replace that in live face-to-face kind of conversation but it’s helpful,” Gonzales said.

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