Healthcare Heroes: Dr. Anupamjeet Sekhon

Healthcare Heroes: Dr. Anupamjeet Sekhon

VICTORIA, Texas – The Coronavirus pandemic has many people working from home, for the last few weeks Dr. Anupamjeet Sekhon has been taking telehealth calls from her apartment to help alleviate the workload for healthcare workers at the hospital.

The DeTar Healthcare System has had its telehealth program since 2014. It was implemented as part of a new residency program.

The program was originally focused on out-of-county outreach but due to COVID-19 the focus has shifted to local patient needs.

“Many patients are thrilled with the fact that they can be seen without the danger of being exposed to other sick patients,” Sekhon said.

Sekhon still goes into the hospital when needed for work meetings and adheres to the CDC’s recommendations when she goes out.

“Cover your mouth and nose, wear a mask,” Sekhon said.

With family ties to India – Sekhon said she tries to touch base daily with family living under the mandatory lockdown implemented there.

“So people are in their houses, they are using drones to see if people outside are doing social gathering and all the day laborers, the government is feeding them, like the Sikh temples, they are providing people with food,” Sekhon said.

When she was in medical school, Sekhon said she never imagined she’d be a doctor caught up in a worldwide pandemic.

“Looking back, I never thought of me being in the middle of a pandemic,” Sekhon said. “I mean, we were always trained in the proper use of personal protective equipment we just never thought we’d run into a shortage problem. We’re hopeful the government will get the hospitals who are affected with COVID-19 more supplies so we can protect the healthcare workers, like the first wave of COVID-19 came from travelers, second from community spread, the third most difficult one is going to be amongst healthcare workers.”

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