Healthcare Hero: Rachel Hernandez

Healthcare Hero: Rachel Hernandez

VICTORIA, Texas – Before COVID-19 was named a worldwide pandemic, Victoria resident Rachel Hernandez was planning on getting married to her fiancé this month in April. Adjustments have been difficult but she’s resolved to remain positive.

The licensed vocational nurse – working at Post Acute Medical North Hospital, one of the hot zones for positive cases of the novel coronavirus. 

“We didn’t ask for this, I don’t think anybody wanted this and we’re all doing our best and helping our community and helping out our patients and so I’m very proud of where I work,” Hernandez said.

Missing Easter with her grandchildren was hard for Hernandez but technology made it easier.

“My oldest daughter lives here and she has children and she sent me pictures and they did celebrate Easter at home in the backyard and they were beautiful pictures and they were all dressed up, she sent me all the pictures and they were so fun to look at,” Hernandez said.

When she sees others around her not protecting themselves from COVID-19 , Hernandez said she grows concerned. 

“For me, I think it’s a little scary, I don’t like to see that, they just don’t take it as serious and  I would hate to see anyone that this may hit a little bit personal. I would rather be on the safe side and see them protect themselves and protect others around them.”

A big thanks to Healthcare Heroes like Rachel Hernandez for being at the front lines of the battle against COVID-19. Know someone giving it their all right now as a healthcare worker? Let me know at

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