Healthcare Hero: David Gonzales

Healthcare Hero: David Gonzales, director of the Victoria County Public Health Department

VICTORIA, Texas – COVID-19 was declared a worldwide pandemic on March 11th, two days later on March 13th the decision was made to activate the emergency operations center in Victoria County.

David Gonzales, director of the Victoria County Public Health Department, says his office began monitoring the coronavirus in January and February as it swept through China.

“Just really trying to grasp the scenario and possible impacts it could have on us locally,” Gonzales said.

Although he does not work in a hospital, he works in public health and has been essential in informing the public on how to best protect themselves and their loved ones against the virus. 

“I have a teenage son at home, so I’m on him all the time,” Gonzales said. “As soon as you walk through that door, wash your hands.”

The department held daily press meetings that later became twice a week briefings and now there are none, due to the ease in restrictions and moderate to mild community transmission status. 

Gonzales says the health department adapted to COVID-19 all while still running its other services.

“They’ve just done a great job, they deserve all the credit,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales says he’s confident in how Victoria County leadership responded to the pandemic and that our area is no stranger to emergency situations. 

“I know it’s taking a long time, we’re used to hurricanes and floods, they come and go, we’re done with the event and we move on with our lives but this is a whole ‘nother animal,” Gonzales said. “And this is something that has stuck around and honestly I’m sure everyone’s tired of it. We want to move on with our lives but let’s stick with it a little bit longer. The end may not be within sight that we can see that we’re used to but it’s coming.”