Health experts urge community to practice social distancing on Easter

VICTORIA, Texas — The rapidly changing situation of COVID-19 means constant updates. Victoria health experts say they feel they’re ahead of the curve with some of the decisions made weeks ago, but fear a holiday weekend can set us back. 

“We have come to the conclusion that our community transmission is now moderate, as far as the things that we said we were going to do when moderate transmission becomes a problem, we’ve been doing those things for about a week or two,” explained heath authority Dr. McNeill.

From low to moderate transmission, Victoria county has prepared for this inevitable step. Now they’re encouraging masks anytime you step outside. As cases continue to creep slowly towards the triple digits, a designated hospital is now in place.

“I’d like to talk a little bit about Post Acute Medical, they have agreed to take patients from our community that are COVID positive, so they will actually become a COVID facility,” said Dr. McNeill as he addressed the public at Thursday’s press briefing. 

Having a single facility will limit exposure to the community and hopefully lessen the number of cases..

Our health experts reiterated their concern with Easter being this weekend.

Dr. McNeill added, “there are a lot of health experts that expect a jump in cases in the next couple of weeks simply because of the Easter holiday and we got to avoid that. Everyone knows how much they care for their family members, so just try not to be around people unless you absolutely have to.”

As of Friday afternoon, Public parks are not closed in Victoria county.  However, breaking social gathering ordinances can lead to a fine, jail or both.  

Law enforcement will monitor public places for social gatherings, and remember guests at your home is not advised.