Health authority discourages out-of-town travel

Health authority discourages out-of-town travel

VICTORIA, Texas – Victoria has three positive cases of COVID-19, which means the county remains under mild community transmission status and Phase II of our response to this COVID-19 crisis.

Lane Johnson, Director of Clinical Programs and Services at Gulf Bend, said those who are feeling anxious amid coronavirus fear and panic, should tap into their creativity for stress relief.

“We’re such an imaginative people and our whole society has been built really on curiosity, some of the greatest inventions in our world were invented around crisis when things didn’t work, the way they normally work and I think we want to rely on our creativity, our own imagination, which takes longer than if we have something already set out and we know what to do and that helps us slow down and be less anxious actually just sit and ponder and think, I wonder how I could do this and I wonder what I could do now and share ideas with each other,” Johnson said.

Victoria County Health Authority Dr. John McNeill said it’s not only important to take a pause and stay home right now, but it’s also important to not go out of town, especially to areas with a high number of confirmed cases.

“Especially to a place where the virus is more prevalent and the virus is more prevalent in Houston, it’s more prevalent in San Antonio and I think it’s more prevalent in Corpus Christi, so we’re starting to see it more around the region and I would absolutely encourage people not to travel, I would encourage people to stay home, I would encourage people to not have big family gatherings, I would encourage people, just like the government said, to not have groups more than 10 people together, I would encourage people to stay away from other people, that’s what I would encourage,” McNeill said.

For those with seasonal allergies, it’s important to identify “fever” as a distinguishable symptom for COVID-19.

Although Victoria is not under mandatory stay at home orders, McNeill said that doesn’t mean we should let our guard down.

“I have no reason to think the worst is over because it is progressing in other areas I think and I believe in that curve, I don’t know how high that curve is going to go in our area, I hope that it stays pretty flat,” McNeill said.

McNeill also said he’s not sure a unilateral end to social distancing, like the President is hoping for by Easter, would be the best way to go about it since each state’s number of cases continue to vary.

If you are feeling symptoms be sure to refer to the CDC’s website’s symptom checker and call the COVID-19 hotline at 361-580-5796.

And if you are feeling anxious, depressed or stressed call the  Harris Center’s 24-7 Mental Health Support Line at 833-251-7544.