Haunted Rooms America in Yoakum this weekend

Haunted Rooms America is in Yoakum Saturday.

Here’s a clip from there website about the hospital there:

Located half way between San Antonio and Houston, and built in 1922, The Old Yoakum Community Hospital once served as the hospital for the community of Yoakum, as well as the surrounding rural areas. It was first built as Huth Community hospital. Then in 1933, due to the poor economy and depression, the hospital was bought and managed by the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament of Victoria.

Over the next few decades, the hospital grew in size as the community grew and was in need of more medical services. In the 1980s, the hospital was sold to the Sisters of the Incarnate Word of San Antonio. They continued to run the Old Yoakum Community Hospital but closed it’s doors as an inpatient hospital in 1997, as they built a larger, modern hospital outside of town to serve the growing needs of the community. Even after closing its doors in the late 90s, the hospital continues to draw guests. Some of its patients and staff never seem to have left.

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