Handshake brought to VC students and alumni

Here are the details regarding the new app
Handshake profile brought to VC students and alumni

Handshake profile brought to VC students and alumni. Carol Marcengo-Stehling

VICTORIA, Texas – Handshake profile has been brought to Victoria College students and alumni. VC students now have the chance to connect with companies hiring locally and across the country by completing a Handshake profile.

Handshake is a social media platform that connects current students and alumni to employers. It also allows companies to post positions that target college students and new graduates specifically.

“With Handshake, we are using technology to advance career opportunities and job placement for our students and alumni,” said Carol Marcengo-Stehling, VC lead academic advisor. “Handshake lets companies quickly connect with the VC community, allowing our graduates a chance to transition quicker from college to the workforce.”

Handshake is free for VC students and employers. It teaches students about internship opportunities and allows them to receive direct messages from employers about new jobs and events. Students will also be able to post reviews of employers and jobs through the app.

To get started, students can create a profile with their resume, portfolio and past experiences. They can then search the job board or sign up to receive notifications of jobs that fit their interests. Students can also follow or apply for jobs or companies that interest them.

“An invitation to join Handshake has been emailed to all our current students as well as many alumni ,” Marcengo-Stehling said. “All they need to do to join Handshake is create an account.”

If you are a VC student or alumni and haven’t received an email invitation to join Handshake, you can create an account by clicking here.