Hands Only CPR Training This Saturday

February is Heart Health Month and the Victoria medical community wants you to be aware of a change to how we learned C-P-R. “Hands only CPR expose people to the most important part of CPR,” said Rafael De La Garza, Victoria College Instructor.

This Saturday Fit-Vic is sponsoring a free hands only adult CPR training course so you will be able to save someone if their heart stops beating. “We are going to show a video on how to do hands only CPR and then they will get to practice,” said De La Garza. Rafael De La Garza an instructor with Victoria College recommends chest compressions only while performing CPR and not mouth to mouth. “Between 2010 and 2015, a lot of studies came out showing that people were doing ventilation wrong even the medical community,” said De La Garza.

90% of adults who go into cardiac arrest are going into a cardiac rhythm called V.F.B which is killing the heart. “If we put the AED on them and zap them into flat line first and then begin compressions immediately after that the save rate goes up tremendously,” said De La Garza.

The free training starts at 10 am and lasts until 1 pm at First United Methodist Church.