Hallettsville looks to bounce back after loss to Shiner

The Hallettsville offense was only able to score six points in last Friday's game

HALLETTSVILLE, Texas — The Brahmas are coming off a disappointing outing against the Shiner Comanches last week. The Hallettsville offense was only able to muster up six points. Sports reporter Tania Tchalikian spoke to the offensive coordinator about how they hope to put more points on the board this week. Offensive coordinator Mason Briscoe says they are working in new sets at the receiver position and limiting the running back committee to just two.

We are just breaking down practice to each one of Industrial’s strengths and we are focusing on where we can hurt them, said Brisco. “The next thing we are doing is bringing energy and making sure everyone is very prepared for this Friday.”

Briscoe went on to say Shiner surprised them with some of the things they did and it is their fault as coaches for not being prepared for those surprises. One player who is not satisfied with how the game went last week is Brahmas quarterback Trace Patek. Patek says last week was a wake-up call and they hope to execute and play Brahmas football tomorrow.

“In practice we are all getting our minds right… and we need to keep coming out strong and working out hard at practice and getting things right.”

Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. in the Industrial Snake Pit.