Hallettsville couple lose home in fire

Ed Petty says that he was days away from getting home owner's insurance before his home was lost to a fire.

HALLETTSVILLE, Texas – Ed and Linda Petty had moved into their 2,300 square foot mobile home about 7 months ago, then one Sunday afternoon their dog Tito (whose now been renamed Hero for his role in saving Ed and Linda) had alerted the couple, with Linda soon realizing their house was on fire.

“He got my wife up, I didn’t even get up. She came running back in there and grabbed me and said the back of the house is on fire and I’m like what,” says Ed.

Luckily Ed and Linda were able to get out of the house safely, but their house was soon engulfed in flames, taking everything with it.

“Total loss, total, everything in it. The house itself, we got to stand there and watch the Hallettsville Fire Department for three hours, just trying to get it all out,” says Ed.

The house was paid off and Ed was holding off on getting homeowners insurance until he had completed building his barn. His barn had just been completed and he was going to call his niece who works in insurance and get homeowners insurance that week, but the fire came too soon.

“First mistake I’ve made in 70 years…and I’m 70 years old. I’ve never owned a home and didn’t have everything insured,” says Ed.

Despite not having insurance Ed says that the Hallettsville community stepped up, with people stopping on the side of the road to help carry things out of the house during the blaze, a community member who put Ed and Linda up in a trailer, and even someone offering up an extra mobile home that Ed may be able to move onto his property and later live in. He even said a few people have knocked on his door with an envelope with a few hundred in it.

“I thought about just throwing in the towel when that happened and moving onto someplace else, but the people around here convinced me that this is the place I should stay, it’s awesome, I can’t believe the people around here. Hallettsville people have bent over backwards to help us,” says Ed.

They have a GoFund page set up for recovery efforts which you can find here.