Hallet Oak Gallery seeks auction donations for yearly fundraiser

The Hallet Oak Gallery in Hallettsville is asking the community to donate goods and services for their yearly auction fundraiser.

The fundraiser, which begins Saturday at 6:30 pm, will take place to help fund the non-profit organization’s programs, art performances and other services. The non-profit is accepting all manners of auction donations, including works of arts, various gifts and even services and vouchers that can be offered to the community. Executive Director Mieko Mahi says any and all donations will help.

“The auction is definitely gonna help the gallery. Because, like I said, that money is gonna get us through March. But, we have to have things for people to buy, otherwise… Actually I don’t want to think about it. So, we need the auction items and we appreciate it very much.”

The non-profit is also accepting donations, starting at twenty five dollars in check or gift card form. The organization hopes to raise at least to four thousand dollars to help fund their programs through March.